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Tokyo Cult Recipes by Maori Murota

What is it about?

Tokyo Cult Recipes is a bible of classic Japanese recipes that are popular with the residents of the capital city. From ramen and bento boxes to mochi and dorayaki, this well-written and beautifully illustrated recipe book is a great introduction to cooking Japanese food.


Is it any good?

Yes! As someone with a small (see: big) addiction to Japanese food, this book was the best investment I have ever made in a cookbook. Each recipe is clearly explained and techniques, food or equipment that isn’t usually seen outside Japanese or Asian cooking is detailed in easy-to-understand notes by the author. The range of recipes is diverse, from breakfast dishes to tapas to sweet treats, meaning that there is something for everyone of every skill level and for every occasion. Whilst the recipes are brilliant, the highlight of this recipe book is, for me, the numerous photographs included, showing the streets of Tokyo in vibrant colour, as well as sumptuous pictures of the recipes that look good enough to eat.


Rating: 10/10

For fans of: Japanese food, noodles, sushi, food in Studio Ghibli films, trying new things

This book tastes like: sticky rice and soy sauce


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