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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

What’s it about?

I’m pretty sure everyone on Earth knows the story of A Christmas Carol  – who hasn’t seen The Muppet Christmas Carol? But for those who aren’t familiar with the story of Scrooge, it goes like this; an old man (Scrooge) is a grump who can’t stand Christmas or any other kind of happiness. He is miserly, miserable and mean. Until he gets visited by some spirits on Christmas Eve who work together to show him the error of his bitter old ways.


Is it any good?

This much-loved and highly culturally significant book can’t possibly be described as anything less than ‘good’; for me to call it a bad book would be arrogant of me. I did enjoy it, however, especially Dickens’ jolly sense of humour, once I got over it’s holier-than-thou tone and message.


Rating: 8/10

How long did it take to read: four days

For fans of: Christmas, morals, The Muppet Christmas Carol, fables

This book tastes like: cinder toffee


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