Fiction · Poetry

Rain by Don Paterson

What is it about?

Rain is the seventh poetry collection by Scottish poet Don Paterson. There are many different styles of poem in this book – from epic poetry to free verse to small three line things (no, not haikus) to blank pages – looking at a range of themes (death, nature and space being the three most featured).

Is it any good?

There are a fair few gems in this little collection, but I found the majority of Rain to be pretentious, boring and just plain confusing. It was also incredibly short – for an RRP of £7.99 I was expecting something much more than what I got. Highlights of this weak collection include My Last Thirty-Five Deaths, Why Do I Stay Up So Late? and The Lie.

Rating: 2/10

How long did it take to read: an hour

For fans of: GCSE English, Simon Armitage, ‘deep thinking’

This book tastes like: bread crusts


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