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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

What is it about?

Meet Cath, a shy and quiet girl with diagnosable anxiety. In real life she struggles talking to people – on the internet, she’s a fanfiction-writing superstar with thousands of followers. She also has a very talkative twin, an identical twin who is sick of them being the same. When they move to university, Cath is happy to keep things as they were, writing fanfic whilst her sister goes out drinking with frat boys. But with her past catching up with her and her Fiction Writing class taking its toll on her creative juices, the last book in the Simon Snow series (think alternate universe Harry Potter) coming out and her uni roomate’s hot Starbucks-worker boyfriend paying her more attention than she’s used to, life is about to liven up for Cath. And she’s not entirely sure if she can handle it.


Is it any good?

Fangirl has given me fresh hope for the oft-dismissed young adult genre, proving that it’s not a species of book solely reserved for tween girls (not that there’s anything wrong with tween girls, of course). There are too many things I loved about this book for me to go into each in-depth. The dialogue is golden; witty and realistic and so, so fresh. I got totally pulled in by this book, and I could only force myself to stop reading at the prospect of knowing that, once I’d finished Fangirl, I would never again be able to read it for the first time. Something that I think is both unusual and brilliant about this book is that it doesn’t end when the romance starts; most books like this are all about the romantic chase, and once the couple in question get together that’s it – story over. That (blessedly) is not the case with Fangirl. We get to see the early days of Cath’s relationship (I won’t say with who!) and watch the sweet romantic fluffiness of it all. But the story isn’t just about the romance – it’s about Cath overcoming her anxiety – and so it doesn’t end when the romance starts. Speaking of Cath’s anxiety; this is the best, most realistic and accurate depiction of anxiety I have ever read, seen, or witnessed in any way. But the thing I loved the most about Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl, is that it’s just so fundamentally nice. It reads like a pep talk, a super effective one, and I just cannot recommend it enough.


Rating: 10/10

How long did it take to read: four days

For fans of: John Green, tumblr, The Illustrated Mum by Jacqueline Wilson, Harry Potter, fanfiction

This book tastes like: fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies





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