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Beauty/Beauty by Rebecca Perry

What is it about?

Beauty/Beauty is a collection of 42 free verse poems split into seven sections. This is the debut book from Poetry Wales Purple Moose prize winner Rebecca Perry. The themes covered include love, lost love, feminism, nature, travel and friendship.

Is it any good?

There are a lot of fantastic individual poems in Beauty/Beauty (e.g. Junk Mail, Sweatheart, come, and The Year I Was Brorn were highlights for me), but there are quite a few that are so pretentious that they go beyond caring about making sense – which can sometimes be a good thing – but here the message with some of these poems is clear; poetry is for the literary elite and those ‘deep’ enough to get it (or pretend they do). Furthermore, a lot of these poems feel like they don’t fit in a collection together. This is a decent collection of poetry overall, but not for someone searching out an easy or particularly enjoyable read.

Rating: 4/10

How long did it take to read: a few hours

For fans of: deep thinking, nature, the rock band Muse

This book tastes like: straight gin


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