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The Penguin Book of Oral Poetry, Edited by Ruth Finnegan

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What is it about?

The Penguin Book of Oral Poetry is, funnily enough, about oral poetry. It collects pieces from thirteen different cultures around the world, as well as several longer, epic/narrative poems at the end of the book. Oral poetry in this book is widely defined; there are prayers, chants, even song lyrics by The Beatles in here.


Is it any good?

This, I think, is a good book to have lying around the house – it is a book that will make your more earthly, more knowledgeable. This is not only a book that can teach you something about poetry, but also about the cultures behind them. Each culture has its own section, and each section has an introduction; this is a structure which works wonderfully as it makes the poetry accessible for everyone, giving context to the pieces. I also liked that it had a huge blend of themes and subjects, from religion to death to cheating husbands to fishing. There really is something for everyone.


Rating: 8/10

How long did it take to read: seventeen days

For fans of: travelling, folk tales

This book tastes like: dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt


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