Who is Ellora?

Hi, I’m Ellora! I’m nineteen years old, an Aquarius, a Hufflepuff, and I’m a Journalism and Creative Writing student at UCA.

I started this blog in November 2015 as a part of my uni course. My aim is to keep a record of all the books I’ve read, and to help you guys find your next favourite book! I read and review a wide range of genres, from fantasy to crime to cookery books, and from all different time periods, from new releases to the classics.

Why should you trust my opinion? You shouldn’t! I believe that reading a book is a very personal, very subjective experience. I can only tell you what think of a book. But as someone who both reads a lot and write a lot, I hope I can give you guys a pretty reliable opinion. What’s more, I think it’s nice to know what someone else thinks about book you’re thinking about reading or that you’ve read. On top of that, I try to make the ‘What is it about?’ section of each review as objective as possible so that you guys can make a judgement yourself based on the subject matter of the book.

I live in a sleepy little village in Hampshire, England, where not a whole lot happens – all of the adventure in my life comes from books! As a child I was a massive Jacqueline Wilson fan, and I was even lucky enough to meet the lovely lady at a book fair. At secondary school I was part of the judging panel for the Hampshire Book Awards (I voted for the winning book, a little novel called The Hunger Games). Nowadays I enjoy reading just as much! My favourite authors are Jane Austen, Tracy Chevalier and John Green, whilst my favourite book is Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.

When I’m not reading I enjoy baking, writing, hoarding stationery, playing Animal Crossing, and listening to music.

Nice to meet you!

Note on the photographs used in my reviews: I do not own or create any of the images used in my reviews (unless otherwise stated), and they have been found using the ‘labelled for reuse’ tool on Google Images.


Find me on Twitter @ellora_sutton


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